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Visit the Reservoir

The Reservoir is open Weekends 10-2pm- Last day of the season 10/25/2020

Check the schedule for up to date openings.

  • Saturdays: Main Gate

  • Sundays: Pershing Plaza

Main Gate at Jefferson Avenue*

This entrance is a flat dirt path accessible by strollers and mobility devices. Located at the center of Jefferson Avenue, between Summit Avenue and Central Avenue. Map

*The Main Gate is also open based on the schedule of the City of Jersey City's fishing program, also listed on our calendar. They are closed for the winter.

Red Gate at Pershing Plaza and Summit Avenue

Located at the intersection of Pershing Plaza/Howie Fink Way and Summit Avenue, across from the entrance to the Charlie Heger Ice Rink in Pershing Field Park. Map

Note: Google Maps lists the address as 119-199 Reservoir Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307. 

Pershing Plaza Gate

Located on Pershing Plaza/Troy Street, the same as the Red Gate, but at the center of the gate directly across from the parking lot. 

Public Statement to the City of Jersey City

It is with great disappointment and urgency that the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance (JCRPA) must write this letter. After repeatedly being pressured to concede to decisions made without our input, and refusal from representatives of the City of Jersey City to formally consider our recommendations or pursue consultation from necessary specialists, we formally request the City of Jersey City to stop and not proceed further with entering into any contract, advancing any design, or commencing construction of the City of Jersey City’s Reservoir #3 Site Safety Improvements Project.

Click "Read More" below to read the remainder of our letter and Resolution.

Reservoir #3 GPS

113-116 Central Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07306

JCRPA Mailing

P.O. Box 7833

Jersey City, NJ 07307

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