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Jersey City Reservoir #3

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  • For the past two months, the Alliance has been presenting a comparison of the City’s original plans and their own vision for safety improvements to community and park groups, as well as elected officials, while calling upon the public to demand the City Council and Mayor’s office direct the City Division of Architecture to work closely with the Alliance’s team to ensure that all work on Reservoir #3 preserves the site’s unique character and results in a sustainable, thriving plant and wildlife ecology.

    Since that time, over 850 letters of support have been sent by both residents and out-of-town supporters. We are still waiting on official revisions to the plan and have more concerns that have not been addressed by the City, so please continue to advocate for this cause. We are all so grateful for the overwhelming support we have had in such a short amount of time. We could not have come this far without the community. Please write to the Mayor and your City Council representatives to urge them to ensure any work done on this site is performed with transparency and with Alliance involvement.

    Arial photo of Jersey City Reservoir #3 on a sunny day with trees in full green bloom and the lake deep blue-green

    Reservoir #3 is a truly unique place; historically part of Jersey City’s municipal waterworks, it was transformed by nature into a wetland habitat. Its 13 acres are enclosed by the original high stone walls that separate it from the urban world beyond. Within those walls, dense trees and shrubs create an oasis of green. It is a place to be treasured and enjoyed. It also needs to be managed with great skill and sensitivity so as to not to disturb or diminish its unique character.

    In 2003, Reservoir #3 was threatened by demolition. Fortunately, local preservationists, park advocates and other concerned citizens formed the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance (JCRPA/Alliance) and succeeded in stopping the site’s senseless destruction. Later, the Alliance got the site landmarked. In the years since, the Alliance has been the steward of the site, staffing the Reservoir with volunteers so residents can enjoy this special place.

    Reservoir #3 still needs your help to ensure Jersey City’s Site Safety Improvements Plan is merely that - safety improvements.. The Alliance knows that some work needs to be done to make the site safer, more accessible and comfortable for visitors. While most of our concerns have been addressed in meetings, the City still has not presented its updated plans to the Alliance, or to the public, and the City continues to include in their plans inappropriate planting and lighting.

    In addition to the agreed upon changes remaining unconfirmed in published drawings, the City plan still includes:

    • Installation of 138 bollard lights that ruin the trail experience and will become a major urban design feature of the otherwise historic, rustic trail system.
    • Insufficient plans to replant and restore the wildlife habitat that will be cleared for installation of the fence and trail.
    • construct obtrusive ramps that will destroy the existing entryway and rocky area on the Reservoir’s south side

    Rendering of the city's off-the-shelf park plan,  compared to the Alliance's vision. The City's plans look urbanized, while the Alliance's is a wide hiking trail.

    The Alliance still needs your help to save Reservoir #3.

    It is imperative that everyone who values the Reservoir speak up now. Please take a moment to contact Mayor Fulop and urge him to ensure any work done on this site is performed with transparency and with Alliance involvement.

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